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Create an online

store for your church

completely free

Design merch,

add to your store,

share with your church

Items printed

to order, shipped

directly to your people


Product examples

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By the local church, for the local church

Our staff is actively involved in a church in Fort Collins, CO. We wanted to offer custom merchandise for our people but didn't want to deal with the up-front costs, guessing sizes, and hauling boxes around. So we created a solution we wanted to share with you. 

Here's how it works: create unlimited products and designs, sell online through the custom store we create for you, and everything is shipped directly to your people at no cost to you!


  1. NO UP FRONT COSTS - Buying in bulk costs thousands of dollars and you're lucky if you break even. Easy Church Merch is completely free to set up for churches. We don't even ask for a credit card!

  2. NO INVENTORY - You don't have to carry boxes around or guess what sizes to order. All items are printed to order and shipped straight to your people's door. You don't do anything.

  3. UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF ITEMs - When buying in bulk, adding just one variant adds significant cost and hassle. Offer shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories of all kinds through us!

Let's get started!

1. Create an account

2. Create a store in your profile

3. Create your designs and upload them through your profile

4. We create a custom store for you in 1-2 days and send you a link you can send to your church! 

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